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Top 20 Cloud Migration Companies in the World

published Feb 12, 2024

Top 20 Cloud Migration Companies in the World

Migrating to the cloud fosters agility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and operational efficiency. As businesses adopt this technology to adjust to market dynamics swiftly, there is a high demand for top cloud migration companies. Yet, considering the complexity of cloud environments, selecting the right migration partner has become vital for smooth transitions. 

Serverless  is a top IT company specializing in serverless applications using AWS and the Serverless Framework. Our certified AWS professionals have a decade of experience designing efficient cloud migration strategies. Additionally, we enable businesses to hire remote AWS developers, enhancing their cloud capabilities and resources. We offer AWS cloud migration services to seamlessly transition businesses to this cloud for enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. 

In this post, we list the top 20 cloud migration companies worldwide, delving into the crucial considerations businesses must bear in mind. Below, you will find the essential factors to consider in selecting the right migration partner, followed by a list of top cloud migration companies. Discover how to achieve your business goals with the right migration provider.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Cloud Migration Companies

Below, we explore the critical aspects of choosing the right partner among the top cloud migration service providers. Consider expertise, scalability, security, innovation, and performance optimization to ensure a comprehensive evaluation process.


Top cloud migration service companies proficiently handle complex migration strategies. They employ advanced technologies and navigate intricate architectures. Assessing a company's track record, certifications, and experience with diverse migration scenarios is critical to ensure a smooth and effortless transition to the cloud.


Best cloud migration companies excel in meeting your current business needs. They provide solutions that seamlessly scale as your organization grows. To assess the scalability of a migration service, evaluate its ability to handle increased workloads efficiently, and accommodate future expansions. A scalable solution keeps your cloud infrastructure agile and responsive to changing demands.


Reliable cloud data migration companies prioritize robust security measures to safeguard your applications and data during the transition and beyond. Compliance with industry standards, encryption protocols, and a proactive threat detection and prevention approach are essential. Evaluate the company’s security practices to ensure a compliant migration to the cloud.


Innovation is a key differentiator among cloud migration consulting companies. An innovative partner leverages cutting-edge technologies, implements efficient methodologies, and offers creative solutions to enhance your migration experience. To assess a company's commitment to innovation, examine its adoption of the latest cloud technologies, automation, and AI integration. 

Performance Optimization

Proficient cloud migration firms should not only facilitate the transition but also continually monitor and enhance the performance of your cloud infrastructure. It includes leveraging optimization tools, conducting regular assessments, and implementing strategies. Such initiatives maximize cost-efficiency while maintaining high performance and scalability.


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Top 20 Cloud Migration Companies in 2024

This section lists the top cloud migration companies in different regions. We highlighted their expertise and core services to guide businesses in their cloud migration endeavors.

Cloud Migration Companies in Europe

1. Serverless Team

Serverless seamlessly transitions firms to Amazon Web Services (AWS), focusing on enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. With years of experience in AWS cloud consulting services, our certified professionals design efficient data migration strategies. We craft intricate architectures for enhanced business performance.

Serverless team demonstrates dedication to quality with a 4.9-star rating on Clutch based on client reviews. Having spent over 22,000 hours enhancing our cloud architecture expertise, we provide a comprehensive range of AWS migration services tailored to diverse scenarios.

  • Assessment and Planning. A thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, applications, and workloads. We develop detailed plans to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Lift and Shift Migration. Leveraging AWS database migration services such as AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) and AWS Database Migration Service (DMS). We simplify and automate the migration process, minimizing downtime and disruptions.
  • Cloud Architecture. Designing and implementing hybrid cloud architectures seamlessly integrating on-premises infrastructure with AWS services. We enable multi-cloud strategies for connecting and managing workloads across multiple providers.
  • Data Migration and Integration. Migrating data to AWS data storage services (Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon DynamoDB). We ensure seamless integration of data sources and applications within the AWS ecosystem for efficient access and analysis.
  • Cost Optimization and Performance Enhancement. Maximizing cost efficiency while maintaining high performance and scalability. We optimize AWS infrastructure using AWS Cost Explorer and Trusted Advisor to monitor and improve cloud spending.
  • Security and Compliance. Implementing best practices and utilizing AWS security services (Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Security Hub). We ensure the security and compliance of migrated workloads with industry standards.

You can hire an AWS architect to enhance architecture, optimize performance, or implement innovative solutions. We ensure a smooth transition and transformative outcomes for our clients. 


ELEKS is a cloud migration services provider aiming to optimize IT ecosystems' cost, agility, and scalability. With decades of experience, ELEKS assists clients from media and entertainment, healthcare, and telecommunications domains. The company's in-house specialists design new infrastructure and craft custom migration plans. 

ELEKS aims to enhance collaboration in diverse business settings, making clients agile and efficient through cloud adoption.

3. Unity Group

Unity Group is one of the cloud migration service provider companies in Poland. The company specializes in cloud consulting and custom software engineering, focusing on crafting solutions for AWS. It operates in the retail, finance, and manufacturing industries, aiding businesses in migrating their data to the cloud environment hassle-free. 

With an emphasis on AWS Cloud, Unity Group offers consultation, design and implementation, security and compliance, and training and support to ensure effective cloud migration.

4. Scalefocus

Scalefocus specializes in cloud migration consulting services. The vendor provides cloud transformation and migration support for major cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. With a focus on healthcare and telecom, Scalefocus leverages its expertise in DevOps and CloudOps to achieve long-term cost reduction and increased efficiency. 

5. The Software House

The Software House is another Polish company offering cloud migration consulting and web development services. Renowned for its proficiency in DevOps, the company's professionals craft architectures using Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes on AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The Software House prepares infrastructures for scalability, high availability, and various recovery options to reduce infrastructure costs and ensure global application availability. 

Cloud Migration Companies in the USA 

1. Veritis 

Veritis Group Inc. offers comprehensive DevOps Services and Cloud Services. The company is adept at crafting solutions supporting leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Veritis assists organizations in migrating their databases to public, private, or hybrid clouds. The company's cloud migration services encompass infrastructure, platform, database, and application migration, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal business impact. 

2. Infogain

Infogain is a US-based cloud migration company specializing in Cloud and Big Data consulting. The company offers cloud advisory, migration, and support services. Focusing on Cloud Infrastructure and Data Center Migration, Infogain provides services to simplify existing data center environments and migrate to leading cloud providers. The company claims to ensure high performance, security, compliance, and cost control during cloud migration.

Infogain’s expertise spans multiple cloud providers, including MS Azure, AWS, and GCP. The company operates in healthcare, retail, legal, and hospitality.

3. Trigent Software

Trigent Software provides cloud services, Big Data, and consulting. Their specialists design and build cloud infrastructure, develop native cloud solutions, and facilitate seamless migration to the cloud, all with support for AWS and Azure. Trigent assists businesses in identifying optimal migration paths for their applications, considering challenges, dependencies, and objectives. 

The company emphasizes re-architecting legacy applications, ensuring scalability, productivity, cost reduction, security, compliance, and accelerated speed-to-market for their clients.

4. Nous Infosystems

Nous Infosystems specializes in Big Data Analytics, cloud consulting, strategy, migration, and managed services, focusing on business agility and efficiency. They provide cloud security, data protection, production service management, disaster recovery management, and continuous patch deployment. Nous has expertise in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Rackspace, and GCP. 

Their approach to cloud adoption and implementation aims to help organizations reduce Total Cost of Ownership, maximize ROI, and fully harness the transformative potential of the cloud.

5. Deft

Deft facilitates transitioning from traditional server environments to private and public clouds, covering AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. With a focus on mid-market and small businesses, Deft provides end-to-end solutions for seamless cloud migration. The company aims to help clients harness the benefits of cloud computing for improved scalability, flexibility, and overall operational efficiency.

Cloud Migration Companies in the UK 

1. Cloudreach

Cloudreach builds solutions on AWS, Azure, and GCP. With over a decade of experience, the tech vendor provides cloud strategy and adoption, management, and innovation services. The company operates in the media, telecom, transportation, and manufacturing industries. Cloudreach's SMARTTM business cloud migration solutions aim to streamline the migration process, reducing costs and accelerating time-to-value for enterprises of all sizes. 

Their services encompass various phases, from initial cloud migration proposals to Cloud Landing Zone design and deployment.


GEEKS caters to mid-market and enterprise media, government, and financial services clients. Developing solutions compatible with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, GEEKS provides end-to-end cloud services. Their cloud migration services aim to facilitate seamless transitions to cloud environments, ensuring scalability, enhanced security, and cost-effectiveness. 

The company guides clients through a cloud migration, offering strategies and project management. GEEKS also provides ongoing support to maximize cloud adoption benefits.

3. Blueberry Consultants 

Blueberry Consultants, founded in 1997 in the UK, is a tech firm specializing in cloud migration consulting services and web development. Blueberry Consultants has expertise in developing tailored solutions compatible with major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. The company's cloud software offerings aim to provide scalability, better security, remote working capabilities, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration. 


BJSS offers end-to-end cloud migration services. It covers application discovery, sentencing, migration strategy, validation, readiness, operating model design, and migration factory phases. The company works with both AWS and Azure Cloud platforms. Besides cloud migration, BJSS provides cloud advisory and cloud platform services. The company assists organizations in creating cloud strategies, implementing scalable cloud services, and conducting end-to-end migration processes. 

5. Ballard Chalmers (now Transparity)

Ballard Chalmers is a UK-based cloud computing vendor assisting organizations in migrating legacy on-premises systems and transitioning to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Specialists Transparity recently acquired the company. Ballard Chalmers provides Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Azure SQL Databases, and Logic Apps services. It focuses on custom software development and integration for Azure Cloud. 

Cloud Migration Companies in India

1. Mindtree 

Mindtree provides migration factory services (covering assessment to application testing), workload migration, and cloud-to-cloud movement. With a focus on AWS and Azure, Mindtree caters to advertising, marketing, media, and hospitality. The company is the Application Development Partner Specialisation in Google Cloud's Partner Advantage Programme. 

2. Navtech

Navtech offers various cloud solutions, including cloud computing, migration, provisioning, and security services. The company's developers integrate with AWS or Azure clouds to provide tailored cloud governance solutions. Navtech’s core services extend to software development, web applications, e-commerce development, hybrid mobile applications, and DevOps. 

3. Tvishi Technologies

Tvishi Technologies, an Indian software development provider, specializes in cloud infrastructure services, covering strategizing and migration. Their cloud computing offerings encompass CDN, ready-to-use servers, SSD-hosting, and more, focusing on AWS cloud. Tvishi is an Enterprise IT partner, emphasizing virtualization and cloud solutions to enhance data center infrastructure flexibility, management, and efficiency.

4. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains offers expertise in determining the optimal cloud approach, whether public, private, or hybrid. Specializing in Microsoft Azure, Hidden Brains provides services to migrate business-critical applications and existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition. Their Cloud & Infrastructure Services aim to deliver agility, scalability, and top-notch security for a transformative digital experience.

5. Claritus

Claritus is a cloud migration consulting service provider based in India, specializing in AWS solutions. With a decade-long experience, Claritus offers end-to-end cloud-based managed solutions. Their services include cloud migration planning, infrastructure, platform, database, and application migration. The company facilitates cloud migration for e-commerce, education, and healthcare businesses. 

Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Partner

Selecting the right partner among top cloud migration providers ensures the success of your organization's transition. Consider the following factors to ensure the right fit for your needs.

  • Expertise and Experience. Assess the partner's proficiency in cloud migration, emphasizing relevant experience in your industry.
  • Comprehensive Service Portfolio. Ensure the provider offers various services, from planning and assessment to post-migration support.
  • Security Measures. Prioritize vendors with robust security protocols and compliance measures to safeguard your data.
  • Scalability and Flexibility. Choose a partner capable of adapting to your organization's evolving needs and scaling the infrastructure accordingly.
  • Cost-Efficiency. Evaluate the provider’s pricing model to ensure transparency and cost-effectiveness throughout the migration process.
  • Customization Capabilities. Opt for a partner that tailors solutions to your organization's unique requirements.
  • Support and Training. Confirm the availability of continuous support and training programs to facilitate a smooth transition for your team.

Aligning your company's goals with top cloud migration companies involves strategically evaluating their expertise, service offerings, and commitment to meeting your needs. By carefully considering these factors, you can successfully migrate to the cloud, enhancing efficiency, scalability, and overall digital capabilities.

Why Choose Serverless As Your Cloud Migration Partner?

Our experienced, AWS-certified experts design efficient migration strategies and builds intricate architectures. With a 4.9-star rating on Clutch and over 22,000 hours dedicated to enhancing knowledge, the Serverless team brings robust expertise to power up your business on AWS. Our services span assessment and planning, lift and shift migration, hybrid and multi-cloud architecture design, data migration and integration, cloud cost optimization, and security compliance.

Serverless success stories highlight our achievements. For GoDaddy, we facilitated a smooth migration from GCP to AWS, minimizing downtime, ensuring policy compliance, and achieving a 14% increase in uptime. Our team also assisted a home appliances manufacturer, Millnorway, in overcoming migration challenges, resulting in a 37% cut in cloud costs. 

Besides, the Serverless specialists stand out among cloud migration agencies. To meet the growing demand, we have expanded our team with AWS developers for hire, ensuring top-tier talent for your projects. Why so? We provide customized strategies, smooth transitions, industry-standard adherence, and a proven track record.

Elevate Your Cloud Migration with Serverless

Migrating to the cloud offers businesses agility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and operational effectiveness. Yet, successful cloud migration demands a careful selection of the right partner. Consider top cloud migration service providers’ expertise, scalability, security, innovation, and performance optimization. Such evaluation will enable a seamless transition to the cloud.

Serverless team is a trusted AWS migration partner, standing out with our certified professionals, customized migration strategies, and proven track record. With our client-focused approach and a 4.9-star Clutch rating, we excel in delivering comprehensive AWS cloud migration services. The future of cloud computing promises even greater innovations, further enhancing our ability to deliver cutting-edge migration solutions. Aligning cloud migration with your organizational goals ensures enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

Contact us to transform your business with seamless AWS migration.


Why is cloud migration important in 2024?

In 2024, migrating to the cloud facilitates enhanced agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency in adapting to evolving market dynamics.

What challenges are organizations facing in the cloud migration process?

Typically, organizations are grappling with challenges like data security, scalability concerns, and the complexity of migrating intricate architectures during the cloud migration process.

What information should I have when contacting a cloud migration company for services?

When contacting a cloud migration company, you need details about your existing infrastructure, applications, and workloads. Your potential vendor will need this information for a comprehensive assessment and consultation.

What factors should businesses consider before choosing a cloud migration partner?

Before selecting a cloud migration partner, evaluate the partner's expertise, scalability solutions, commitment to security, innovation practices, and ongoing performance optimization strategies.

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