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Building a Reliable and Scalable AWS Infrastructure
for CampaignMeister

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CampaignMeister, a leading cross-channel campaign management tool, approached us intending to create a robust and scalable AWS infrastructure for their frontend and backend applications. Their platform offers users a free solution for managing and optimizing marketing campaigns across various channels.

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Multiple Environment

The infrastructure needed to support separate environments for development, staging, production, enabling seamless testing and deployment processes.

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Private Network

The client required a private network for application servers and database instances, ensuring secure data protection and communication.

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Zero-Downtime Deployment

The deployment process had to be designed with zero downtime and the ability to roll back changes in case of any issues or failures.

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Automation and Scaling

Automation and scaling capabilities were crucial to handle traffic spikes and optimize resource allocation, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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Infrastructure-as-Code Approach

We utilized AWS CloudFormation, adopting an infrastructure-as-code approach. This allowed us to define and manage the entire infrastructure in a declarative manner, ensuring consistency and ease of deployment across different environments.



We built a private network using Amazon VPC to create a secure environment for the application servers and database instances. Access to the network was managed through VPN, enhancing security and data privacy.


Infrastructure-as-Code Availability and Scaling

To handle sudden traffic increases, we implemented AWS Auto Scaling. This feature automatically adjusts the computing resources based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency. Additionally, the database was hosted on Amazon RDS with Multi-AZ enabled, providing high availability and fault tolerance, even during major outages.


Zero-Downtime Deployment

We implemented the Blue/Green deployment strategy. This approach allowed for seamless updates without any downtime or disruptions. We leveraged DevOps services such as CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy to enable continuous integration and delivery, automating the deployment processes.

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Fault-Tolerant and Highly Available Infrastructure

The backend application and database achieved fault tolerance and high availability, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a reliable user experience.

Enhanced Security

By implementing a private network with VPN access management, we strengthened the security of CampaignMeister's infrastructure, protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access.

Cost Optimization

Leveraging serverless-based services for various operations-related processes resulted in cost reduction, optimizing the monthly billing for CampaignMeister.

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By building a reliable and scalable AWS infrastructure for CampaignMeister, we empowered their cross-channel campaign management tool to deliver a seamless user experience.

Our solutions ensured fault tolerance, high availability, enhanced security, and cost optimization. CampaignMeister can now confidently scale its operations, handle traffic spikes, and focus on its core business objectives.

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