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Hire AWS Solution Architects. A Complete Guide

published Dec 14, 2023

Hire AWS Solution Architects. A Complete Guide

Amazon Web Services leads the cloud market with a 32% share. If you aim to leverage this popular provider’s full potential, bring the top AWS solution architect on board. We at Serverless, backed up by our ten-year AWS experience, are here to guide you through the hiring process.

Given AWS's widespread adoption, the demand for cloud architects surged unprecedentedly. The number of such experts increased, too. But how to hire the right AWS solutions architect among the many available? That’s what we’re about to explain to you.

Keep reading our post to discover how to hire AWS solution architects who cover your project needs completely. Learn about the skills, responsibilities, and costs, as well as the hiring options at your disposal.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding AWS architect qualifications and responsibilities is essential for maximizing Amazon Web Services' potential in your projects.
  • AWS architects require not only technical expertise but also agile communication skills and relevant AWS certifications as a proof of competency.
  • Serverless is a team of top AWS solution architects, with a decade of experience, official AWS certifications, and a proven track record of client success, such as 99.98% uptime and compliance with policies and code quality standards.

Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of an AWS Architect

The first thing you need to know about your candidates? The skills they have and the work they can perform. Check out the qualifications and responsibilities before you hire a AWS architect.

Responsibilities and Key Duties

An AWS architect covers numerous responsibilities crucial to your cloud infrastructure. Such an expert usually handles the following:

  • System design and implementation: AWS architects create scalable and secure cloud infrastructure following your business needs.
  • App integration: AWS specialists develop necessary applications from scratch or integrate existing ones into your architecture.
  • Security implementation: AWS architects are responsible for your AWS cloud security and protect your system through various measures.
  • Team collaboration: AWS architects are indispensable to your development team, ensuring that other specialists adhere to your cloud strategy.
  • Performance optimization: AWS experts seek ways to eliminate performance issues, ultimately delivering cost-effective and efficient cloud solutions.

Skills and Qualifications Required

To perform the duties mentioned above, AWS architects must possess the following technical skills:

  • Expertise in AWS, including such services as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, and others.
  • An in-depth understanding of architecture design.
  • A grasp of security best practices, including encryption, access management, and beyond.
  • Fundamental knowledge of DevOps, including such tools as CloudFormation or Puppet.
  • Proficiency in programming languages like Python, Java, or Ruby.
  • Data management skills, including a profound understanding of DynamoDB and RDS.

Besides the technical know-how, a good AWS specialist must be agile. Then, they adapt to your processes, troubleshoot issues, and communicate with other team members seamlessly. It’s also best to hire AWS cloud architect with relevant education in computer science, IT, or related specialists and an AWS certification.

Importance of AWS Certifications

AWS certifications are more than just badges of honor. They are proof that your candidate has relevant Amazon Web Services expertise. Check for those when you hire AWS solutions architects.


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Where to Find Potential AWS Solution Architect Candidates – Serverless

Now that you know the necessary skills of an AWS architect, it’s crucial to learn where to find such experts. Our experts at Serverless are adept in Amazon Web Services. We’ve been leveraging this cloud provider for over a decade and have completed over 220 projects. On top of that, we hold an official AWS Solutions Architect certification — a crucial credential that ensures our expertise.

If you hire AWS developer with us, expect to get many helpful AWS services. Here are just some of them:

Our specialists can also build PoC solution with AWS if that’s what you currently require. Learn more about our profound background by looking at some of our successful projects.

GoDaddy Migration from GCP to AWS

Our client, a well-known domain registrar, GoDaddy, needed to migrate from the Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services. During this process, our team had to minimize disruptions and follow the client’s policies and standards. We used Lambda, EKS, ECS, ECR, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, and other AWS technologies, as well as Kotlin and Golang for backend development. As a result, we successfully migrated to AWS, adhering to all client’s requirements.

CampaignMeister AWS Infrastructure Creation

CampaignMeister, a marketing campaign management tool, required a scalable AWS infrastructure. We also had to ensure that the client’s system supports development, staging, and production environments. To deliver the necessary solution, our experts used AWS CloudFormation for the infrastructure-as-code approach. Ultimately, we built a scalable and cost-effective architecture with top-notch security.

These are just two of our decent projects. Want to learn more? Feel free to explore our portfolio further.

7 Steps of Hiring an AWS Architect

Let’s now figure out how to hire an AWS solution architect who suits your requirements best. This process takes several steps:

  1. Define your requirements: Outline the skills, qualifications, and experience you’re seeking in an AWS solution architect. Pay attention to their expertise in your niche and determine your project requirements.
  2. Post your job offer: Go to the freelance platforms or job marketplaces and publish your job vacancy with the requirements you’ve outlined before.
  3. Review resumes and portfolios: Once the CVs start to pop up, carefully look through them, evaluating the candidate’s experience and technical skills. Explore the AWS expert’s portfolio to learn about the specific AWS services they’ve worked with and the cloud projects they’ve accomplished.
  4. Handle initial candidate screening: Shortlist candidates based on their skills and previous projects. Assess their expertise through technical tests and coding challenges.
  5. Prepare for initial interviews: Before the interviews, write down the questions that’ll help you assess your candidate’s technical proficiency, cultural fit, and problem-solving skills.
  6. Handle interviews: Interview your shortlisted candidates and select those who suit your requirements best.
  7. Finalize your offer: Once you’ve identified your perfect candidate, negotiate AWS developer's salary and other contract terms. Then, integrate an AWS solution architect into your team.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an AWS Architect

When interviewing an AWS architect, asking the right questions is crucial for a successful hire. Here are a few things to ask:

  • How do you design a scalable cloud architecture on AWS?
  • How do you ensure AWS environment security, and which measures do you use?
  • Which tools do you typically leverage when implementing AWS solutions?
  • How do you monitor the AWS system’s performance?
  • How do you communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders?
  • What are the latest AWS trends?
  • Can you describe the AWS solutions you’ve successfully implemented?
  • What was the most complex problem in your AWS project, and how did you resolve it?
  • How can you consult a company on the best architecture approach: a public cloud, private servers, or a hybrid solution?

You can tailor these questions to your specific projects. For example, you can ask directly about the AWS technology you aim to use or the candidate’s experience in implementing similar solutions in your industry.

Cost to Hire an AWS Architect

The cost is another factor to consider before you hire an AWS solution architect. Salaries for this specialist largely vary across countries and are closely connected to their experience and skill level. Review the costs in the table below:

AWS Architect Cost by Country and Experience Level
Country Junior Middle Senior
the US $135,300 $151,300 $185,000
Canada $116,200 $126,200 $157,000
the UK $87,600 $100,300 $113,000
Germany $91,400 $97,000 $129,000
Poland $17,900 $18,500 $29,400
Ukraine $24,000 $28,800 $31,200
India $21,400 $31,200 $48,000

As you can see, Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Poland offer favorable rates for hiring AWS architects. India proves to be another cost-effective recruitment destination.


Recruiting a suitable cloud computing architect is no small feat. Yet, with the right approach, which involves thorough preparation and understanding of your requirements, you can hire AWS expert who aligns with your project best.

Want to relieve the burden of hiring? Count on Serverless as your reliable AWS SaaS competency partner. With our expertise and Amazon Web Services certification, we can fully meet your cloud ambitions. All you need to do is contact our team for a consultation.


How can I ensure cultural fit when hiring an AWS architect?

During the interview with the candidate, ask them about their approach to teamwork and learn how they collaborated with colleagues in their previous role. Additionally, explore their perspectives on diversity and inclusion and check testimonials from previous clients.

What are some common mistakes to avoid during the hiring process for an AWS architect?

When you hire a AWS architect, make sure you don’t overlook their soft skills and cultural fit. It’ll also be good to handle rigorous technical assessments tailored to your specific project and niche.

How long does the hiring process for an AWS architect typically take?

The recruitment process duration may differ depending on the hiring approach and the number of candidates you require. Generally, it may take from three to six weeks.

What should be included in the onboarding process for a newly hired AWS architect?

Make sure you introduce your new AWS architect to your company’s culture and team members, as well as communication and other tools used. Besides that, give your new employee access to the resources, which outline your project specifications.

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