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Web Platform for Ad Reports Analysis

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We worked together with DemandHelm – an ad-tech company, founded by former ad experts from Amazon and Facebook – to develop a web platform that would simplify the analysis of ad reports.

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The platform needed to support multiple data sources, including Amazon Advertising, Target, Walmart, and others. It required a scalable data pipeline to handle a massive volume of incoming data. Additionally, the platform needed a polished UI for efficient data review.

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Data Processing

To handle the diverse semi-structured data from different sources, we utilized Amazon S3 as a data lake. For final data reporting, we implemented RDS with MySQL-compatible Aurora. The transformation layer was implemented using AWS DataPipeline, leveraging its fault-tolerant architecture.



We developed a NodeJS based Frontend API app hosted on a distributed cluster of EC2 instances managed by ElasticBeanstalk. Amazon AutoScaling ensured seamless scaling based on resource usage, reducing costs and handling traffic spikes effectively.


Frontend App

Using React and Redux, we designed and built a flexible frontend app focused on analytical views to enhance data analysis capabilities. The app supported server-side rendering and was deployed on EC2 instances, with CloudFront providing edge location hosting.

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On-Demand Resource Allocation

Automatic resource allocation to handle spikes, even with traditional server-based infrastructure.


Scalable Data Processing Pipeline

The implementation of a scalable data pipeline ensured efficient processing of large volumes of data.


Managed Application and DB Instances

The client benefited from a fully managed fleet of application and database instances.


Enhanced Security and DDoS Protection

Leveraging the robust AWS infrastructure, the platform was equipped with comprehensive security measures and DDoS protection.

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// sum up


By addressing the challenge of handling diverse data sources and implementing a scalable infrastructure, we successfully delivered a web platform that simplified the analysis of ad reports.

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provided for efficient data processing

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seamless scaling and enhanced security

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meeting the client's requirements and contributing to their business growth.

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