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Migrating a Startup from GCP to AWS for a Domain Register & Hosting company

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We recently supported a domain registrar and hosting company in migrating an acquired startup from Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services. Our objective was to minimize downtime for critical services, ensure compliance with company policies and standards, and establish seamless communication between the existing services on GCP and the new services on AWS.

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Migration from GCP to AWS

Throughout the migration, we strategically retained a subset of services on GCP to seamlessly communicate with the newly established services on AWS. Additionally, we prioritized the adherence of the Kubernetes cluster to the company's policies and stringent code quality standards, ensuring a smooth and compliant migration experience.

Monitoring and Error Prevention

We integrated top-tier monitoring services like New Relic and Kibana to ensure timely log monitoring and error detection. Our setup includes CloudWatch alerts and monitoring dashboards to swiftly identify and troubleshoot abnormalities, keeping your services running smoothly.

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Technology Used

Leveraging a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies, we executed the migration process with precision. Our toolkit included Lambda, EKS, ECS, ECR, CloudFormation, IAM, Service Catalog, RDS, Secrets Manager, Parameter Store, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, EC2, Kinesis, and CloudFront.

For backend development, we utilized Kotlin and Golang, while our DevOps pipeline employed Kubernetes, Flux, Fluent Bit, Peru, GitHub Actions, Wercker, New Relic, and Kibana.

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Migrating the Kubernetes cluster service by service helped us keep the product afloat and avoid downtime, while ensuring compliance with the client company’s policies and code quality standards.

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Successful migration from gcp to aws

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minimal disruption to prod-critical services

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code compliant with company’s standards

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