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Scalable Streaming
Infrastructure for OverQuota's AI-driven Coaching Software


OverQuota is a provider of AI-driven coaching software that utilizes advanced real-time conversation data analysis to offer valuable guidance to sales representatives during live calls. With context-specific suggestions tailored to individual sales strategies and industry standards, OverQuota empowers sales teams to optimize performance.



OverQuota faced limitations in its real-time streaming component, particularly in handling multiple customers concurrently, which caused the overuse of EC2 instances to meet customer demands. The company required a scalable streaming infrastructure to support its core product and stabilize the performance of all software components.



Our team conducted a thorough infrastructure review to identify areas for improvement and eliminate technical debt. The key focus areas of our work included

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Technical Debt Elimination

We implemented general SDLC guidelines, improved code style, migrated the codebase to TypeScript, and enhanced maintainability.

Re-architecting Real-time Streaming Application

We redesigned the existing architecture of the app to overcome limitations and improve performance and scalability.

Building a New ECS-based Infrastructure

We created a new infrastructure using Amazon ECS to support real-time streaming. This allowed for better resource management and scalability.

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Increased Client Capacity

The enhanced infrastructure, incorporating load balancers and auto-scaling, significantly increased OverQuota's ability to serve more clients simultaneously.

Improved Performance and Scalability

By optimizing performance, ensuring security, and prioritizing scalability, we created a more reliable and scalable environment for OverQuota's software.

Improved Performance and Scalability

The improvements in functionality and infrastructure attracted a more extensive client base, driving significant growth for OverQuota.

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AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS (with Fargate and Auto Scaling)

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Amazon VPC, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

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Amazon S3

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DocumentDB (MongoDB), ElastiCache (Redis).

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By implementing a scalable streaming infrastructure and optimizing the overall performance of OverQuota's coaching software, we empowered sales teams to achieve greater success and supported the company's growth in the market.

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