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Developing a New IoT Solution for Milnorway to Meet the Growing Customer Demand



Bashir Naimy, CTO at Millnorway

They have very deep and in-depth knowledge of the serverless systems. We've been extremely happy with them in terms of the quality of work, and we always stayed within our budget.

Milnorway is a leading Norwegian household appliance manufacturer specializing in heaters, air purifiers, and air quality sensors. It offers a mobile app that allows customers to control their devices remotely, monitor energy usage statistics, and access various features.

With over 500,000 devices sold and 300,000 currently in active use, Milnorway needed a new IoT solution to handle the growing demands of its customer base.

// challenges

Milnorway's existing cloud solution on AbleCloud was expensive and underperforming. They needed something much more reliable and scalable to efficiently handle device metrics and states and provide cost-effective storage for large volumes of statistical data.

//additional features

API Design and Backend Implementation

We have completely redesigned the API to meet partner companies' needs. The new backend was built using a 100% serverless architecture, providing scalability and flexibility for future growth.

Working with Time-Series Data at Scale

To efficiently process and store the massive volume of metrics generated by the devices, our team has implemented TimescaleDB. TimescaleDB's time-series capabilities ensured low-latency data processing and efficient storage.

IoT Management with AWS IoT Core

We decided to use AWS IoT Core as the robust platform to manage Milnorway's extensive network of IoT devices. It offered scalability to handle billions of devices and trillions of messages, industry-standard security protocols, flexible device management, and seamless integration with other AWS services.

// benefits

Cost Reduction and Maintainability

The new solution resulted in reduced operational costs compared to the legacy system. The serverless architecture eliminated the need for managing infrastructure, leading to increased maintainability.

Powerful IoT Device Management

AWS IoT Core provided Milnorway with a simple yet powerful device management and monitoring system. It enabled them to efficiently onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage their devices at scale, reducing operational overhead.

Efficient Processing of Device Metrics

TimescaleDB's implementation enabled Milnorway to handle the massive volume of incoming device metrics. This allowed for real-time data analysis and insights to improve the functionality of their devices and enhance customer experience.

Enhanced Security

Milnorway benefited from industry-standard security protocols, end-to-end encryption, and fine-grained access control as part of the fully-managed AWS ecosystem. This ensured the security of their IoT data at rest and in transit.

// Technologies Used
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AWS Lambda

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Amazon VPC, Amazon API Gateway

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IoT & Storage

AWS IoT Core, Amazon S3

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// results


We applied AWS services such as AWS IoT Core, TimescaleDB, and serverless architecture to develop a scalable and reliable IoT solution for Milnorway. The new infrastructure provided cost savings, efficient device management, optimized data processing, and improved security. 

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