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How to Hire Remote AWS IoT Developers

published Mar 07, 2024

How to Hire Remote AWS IoT Developers

The demand for proficient Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Developers has remained steadfast, showcasing the relevance and importance of this skill set. You need to hire a AWS IoT developer to build an IoT solution with AWS and connect your devices to this cloud. It helps to drive better results, enhance intelligence, and deliver superior customer experiences. 

Serverless team develops tailored AWS IoT solutions similar to those we built for Millnorway and ZERO5. Our experience and expertise ensure the operational efficiency and reliability of IoT ecosystems. We offer end-to-end services in AWS IoT, including strategic planning, architecture design, device integration, data management, security implementation, and ongoing support. 

In this article, we detail how to hire AWS IoT developers. You will learn key benefits, required skills, where to find candidates, the steps of hiring, and the strategies for successfully selecting the ideal candidate for the role. Read on to find out the questions to ask during the interview and the average salaries for different experience levels in various countries.

Why Should You Hire AWS IoT Developers

Hiring AWS IoT developers brings vast benefits to businesses. With expertise in scalable solutions, a successful track record with large projects, and proficiency in TypeScript, these experts are responsible for driving the success of IoT initiatives.

Extensive Experience in Developing Large-Scale Solutions

AWS IoT developers development requirements are very high. They typically have significant experience developing complex, large-scale business solutions. Their knowledge of AWS IoT architecture lets them handle vast amounts of data, manage diverse IoT devices, and implement robust security measures. This experience translates into efficient problem-solving, optimized performance, and successful project delivery.

Track Record of Working with Established Companies

AWS IoT developers development skills are confirmed by a track record of working on significant projects in the IoT domain. They know how to deal with the challenges and requirements of both enterprise-level and startup projects, such as scalability, reliability, and compliance. Their experience with established organizations ensures adherence to industry standards. They deliver high-quality solutions on time and within budget.

Modular and Component-Based Development

AWS IoT Developers offer a modular and component-based approach to building applications, allowing developers to break down complex functionalities into smaller, manageable parts. It enhances code reusability, maintainability, and scalability, as individual components can be easily reused across different application parts.

Two-Way Data Binding

Hiring an AWS IoT developer, you can benefit from two-way data binding, where changes made in the user interface automatically update the underlying data model and vice versa. It simplifies the process of synchronizing the UI with the application state. As a result, you get a more responsive and interactive user experience.

Cross-Platform Development

AWS IoT developers facilitate cross-platform development. The latter enables building applications that run seamlessly across various devices and platforms, including web browsers and mobile devices. This versatility streamlines the development process and ensures consistent user experiences across different environments.

TypeScript Language

AWS IoT developers development skills typically include TypeScript. It is primarily valued for its ability to add static typing and other features to write more maintainable and error-free code. TypeScript enhances code quality and developer productivity by providing interfaces and advanced tooling for error detection and code navigation. This results in more robust and maintainable codebases.

Progressive Web App Support

AWS IoT developers support progressive web app (PWA) development. They create web applications that offer a native app-like experience. PWAs are fast, reliable, and engaging, with features like offline support, push notifications, and home screen installation. It helps businesses to expand their audience and deliver immersive user experiences on the web.


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Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of an AWS IoT Developer

As businesses increasingly adopt IoT solutions, the demand for skilled AWS IoT developers continues to rise. When you search for an AWS IoT developer, pay attention to the required skills from the list below.

Responsibilities and Key Duties

  • Designing, developing, and implementing IoT solutions on the AWS platform.
  • Overseeing integration of IoT devices with cloud services.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of high-quality solutions.
  • Navigating project complexities and adhering to industry standards.
  • Collaborating effectively with established organizations.

Skills and Qualifications Required

  • Expertise in edge computing.
  • Proficiency in AWS IoT certifications.
  • Knowledge of data analytics and security.
  • Coding skills in languages supported by AWS SDK.
  • Experience in embedded software programming.
  • Familiarity with connection protocols, machine learning, networks, and sensors.
  • Detecting water leaks with AWS IoT.

Importance of AWS Certifications

Hiring an AWS IoT developer with certifications is crucial for validating their expertise and proficiency in AWS IoT development. Holding certifications such as AWS Certified IoT Developer enhances a developer's credibility. It showcases their mastery of AWS IoT services. This certification ensures an AWS IoT developer has the necessary skills to excel in designing and implementing IoT solutions on AWS.

Where to Find AWS IoT Developers

How to find AWS IoT developers that fit your project requirements? When you search for an AWS IoT developer, you have various hiring options to consider. Here are some avenues you can explore to find AWS IoT developers.

  1. Outsourcing or outstaffing firm: Partnering with a trusted vendor specializing in AWS IoT development, like Serverless, provides access to a pool of experienced talent. Our AWS-certified AWS IoT developers are well-versed in creating IoT solutions on the AWS platform.
  2. Freelancing platforms: Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal offer a vast network of freelance AWS IoT developers for short-term or project-based work.
  3. Professional networks: You can find AWS IoT developers using professional networks like LinkedIn and industry-specific forums.
  4. Tech communities and events: Participating in tech communities and attending industry events focused on IoT and cloud computing can help you network with potential AWS IoT developer candidates.
  5. Recruitment agency: Working with a recruitment agency specializing in technology and IT roles can streamline the hiring process. It provides access to pre-screened candidates with AWS IoT skills.

You can find AWS IoT developers to support your IoT initiatives by exploring these search options.

7 Steps of Hiring an AWS IoT Developer

Here are the essential steps involved in hiring an AWS IoT developer. 

  • Reviewing resumes and portfolios: Begin by assessing candidates' resumes and portfolios to assess their experience and skills relevant to AWS IoT development.
  • Initial screening criteria and methods: Define specific criteria and procedures for screening candidates, such as technical assessments or coding challenges. It will help you evaluate their proficiency in AWS IoT technologies.
  • Preparing for initial interviews: Plan and prepare for initial interviews to delve deeper into candidates' backgrounds, technical knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Conducting technical interviews: Assess candidates' expertise in AWS IoT services, programming languages, and problem-solving skills through practical tasks or coding exercises.
  • Assessing cultural fit: Evaluate candidates' alignment with your company culture, values, and team dynamics to ensure a harmonious fit within your organization.
  • Reference checks: Verify candidates' credentials, past experiences, and performance by contacting their references or previous employers.
  • Final decision and offer: Make a final decision to hire AWS IoT developers based on their performance throughout the process and extend an offer to the selected candidate.

After your perfect candidate accepts the offer, onboard them onto the project. It involves setting up communication channels, providing access to tools, conducting virtual orientation sessions, and assigning a mentor for a smooth transition.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an AWS IoT Developer

Asking the right questions will help you find AWS IoT developers with the required skill set for your project. Below are key inquiries to help assess the expertise and problem-solving capabilities of potential candidates.

1. Can you provide examples of your experience with AWS IoT projects?

This question helps assess the candidate's familiarity with AWS IoT services and their ability to handle complex IoT solutions. They should elaborate on specific examples demonstrating practical knowledge and expertise in implementing AWS IoT projects.

2. Are you familiar with edge computing principles?

Understanding edge computing is crucial for optimizing IoT system performance. The candidate should showcase knowledge of how edge computing enhances data processing efficiency and improves overall IoT solution effectiveness.

3. What is your approach to ensuring IoT security?

This question assesses the candidate's understanding of IoT security protocols and practices. Search for an AWS IoT developer who knows encryption methods, access control mechanisms, and secure data transmission protocols.

4. Can you describe your experience with device integration into AWS IoT?

Integrating IoT devices into cloud platforms like AWS is essential for seamless connectivity. Ask to highlight past projects involving successful device integration. It will showcase the candidate's ability to handle diverse hardware and software configurations.

5. How do you approach problem-solving in IoT development?

Problem-solving skills help to address challenges during IoT development and deployment. Seek candidates with skills for identifying issues, analyzing root causes, and implementing practical solutions.

Cost of Hiring AWS IoT Developers

The salary of an AWS IoT developer depends on several factors, such as the type of AWS IoT developer, AWS certifications, and location. 

  • Types of AWS IoT developers. The main types of AWS IoT developers include solution architects, software engineers, and IoT specialists. Each of them specializes in various aspects of designing, implementing, and managing IoT solutions on the AWS platform. AWS-certified solution architect professionals are typically the most well-paid.
  • AWS certifications. Obtaining an AWS certification can increase the average developer’s salary increase by $13,000. Technical background and proficiency in architecture, networking, security, and programming languages like Java or Python also impact the size of the compensation. 
  • Locations. In the United States, senior AWS IoT Developers can earn from a several hundred to thousand dollars weekly. It makes them among the highest-paid professionals in the field. Due to the high costs, many companies outsource their development teams to countries with lower labor costs, such as Eastern Europe.

AWS IoT Developer Salaries in Different Countries and Regions

  • United States: The average annual salary for an IoT developer is around $125,000.
  • Western Europe: Hiring an AWS IoT developer there can cost around $90,000 annually.
  • Eastern Europe: AWS IoT developers earn approximately $85,000 on average.
  • Eastern & Southern Asia: You can expect to pay between $62,000 and $90,000 annually.

The provided salaries are estimates and vary depending on the experience and specific job requirements. Contact Serverless to get an estimate based on your IoT project needs. 

Our Team as Your AWS IoT Consulting Partner

The Serverless is a leading expert in AWS IoT development, offering innovative, tailored solutions. With a focus on stability and performance, our team specializes in designing and implementing IoT cloud solutions on the AWS platform. You can hire AWS IoT developers who will help you drive innovation, streamline operations, and create unparalleled user experiences with the dynamic capabilities of AWS. 

From strategic planning and architecture design to end-to-end IoT development, data management, security implementation, and ongoing support, we offer comprehensive services to ensure the success of your IoT initiatives. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the Serverless team is ready to assist you in creating scalable and cost-effective AWS IoT solutions that foster innovation and growth. 

Let’s review our client’s success stories. 

Millnorway: Scalable IoT Solution for Increased Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Millnorway, a leading household appliance manufacturer, faced challenges with the cost and performance limitations of its existing cloud solutions as its customer base grew. The Serverless Team developed a scalable IoT solution using AWS services like IoT Core and TimescaleDB. It enabled efficient device management, optimized data processing, and improved security. This way, the client streamlined device metric processing, decreased cloud expenses by 37%, and enhanced device management.

ZERO5: Modernizing Parking Services

Zero5 collaborated with our cloud development team to modernize their parking automation service, addressing speed, user experience, scalability, and security issues. The Serverless team upgraded the architecture and technologies, implemented real-time updates, and optimized database management. It enhanced functionality, reduced errors, boosted scalability, and automated deployment, offering Zero5 an efficient parking management platform.

You can find more examples of IoT projects with AWS in our blog. 

Supercharge Your IoT Strategy with Serverless Team

AWS IoT enables the connection of devices to the AWS cloud, facilitating real-time data collection, analysis, and management. The steady demand for skilled AWS IoT developers underscores the importance of this expertise. When you hire AWS IoT developers, you can foster business outcomes, boost intelligence, and provide exceptional customer experiences. 

Serverless team's AWS IoT developers offer extensive expertise in developing and maintaining IoT cloud solutions on AWS. With a customer-centric approach, we deliver results by providing strategic planning, end-to-end development, data management and analytics, security implementation, device management, and monitoring services.

Contact us to learn how our AWS developers can empower your IoT initiatives.


How long does it take to hire an AWS IoT developer?

The time to hire AWS IoT developers varies based on the complexity of the role and the availability of qualified candidates. Typically, it takes a few weeks to a couple of months.

What should be included in the onboarding process for a newly hired AWS IoT developer?

Onboarding for a newly hired AWS IoT developer should include familiarization with the company's IoT architecture, access to necessary tools and resources, training on internal processes, and introductions to key team members.

What is an acceptable hourly rate for a senior AWS IoT developer?

Hourly rates for senior AWS IoT developers can range from $80 to $150, depending on experience, location, and project requirements.

What else should you consider when hiring AWS IoT developers?

When hiring an AWS IoT developer, consider their experience, relevant AWS certifications, proficiency in IoT technologies, problem-solving abilities, cultural fit, and track record of successful projects.

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