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Redesigning Monolithic Platform for MasterStream

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MasterStream — an American company specializing in telecom solutions, approached us to replace its legacy monolithic platform with a modern architecture that could automate and simplify its supply chain processes. The goal was to create a scalable, cost-effective, and reliable system that efficiently connects providers, agents, and customers.

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Legacy Monolithic Platform

The existing platform needed more convenience and flexibility to meet the evolving demands of MasterStream's telecom solutions.

Microservices Integration

Effective communication & decoupling of services were crucial to support the asynchronous nature of the microservices design.

Data Management

The solution required a robust and efficient database system capable of handling high volumes of data while ensuring data consistency.

Security and Protection

The platform required robust security measures and protection against DDoS attacks.


Serverless Architecture

The legacy monolithic platform was replaced with a fully serverless architecture, leveraging AWS Lambda as the primary compute service. This eliminated the need to manage server fleets and provided cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliability.


DynamoDB for Data Storage

DynamoDB, a serverless NoSQL database, was chosen as the central database due to its high reliability and scalability. With the help of NoSQL best practices, such as adjacency list and index overloading, an efficient data model was designed to ensure data consistency.


API Gateway for RESTful APIs

API Gateway served as a fully managed solution for creating and managing RESTful APIs, facilitating communication with the Lambda-based backend. It provided scalability, usage plans, canary releases, and flexible security controls.


Microservices and Asynchronous Communication

Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) was utilized as a message queue to decouple services and enable asynchronous processing, supporting the microservices architecture.

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MasterStream received a scalable, cost-effective, and efficient solution by redesigning the monolithic platform into a serverless architecture and leveraging AWS services such as Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, and API Gateway.

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Resource Allocation and Scalability

The new serverless architecture enabled automatic resource allocation on-demand, ensuring the platform could handle spikes in traffic and scale effectively.

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Efficient Data Processing

The scalable data processing pipeline, coupled with the optimized data model in DynamoDB, ensured the platform could handle large volumes of data efficiently and maintain data consistency.

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Managed Application and Database Instances

The fully managed fleet of both application and database instances relieved the burden of infrastructure management, allowing the client to focus on their core business operations.

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Robust Security and DDoS Protection

The AWS infrastructure provided comprehensive security measures and DDoS protection, ensuring the platform remained secure and available to users.

The new architecture enabled seamless communication between providers, agents, and customers, automating and simplifying the telecom supply chain. With the benefits of resource allocation on-demand, scalable data processing, and robust security, the client's platform has experienced improved performance, flexibility, and reliability.

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