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Transforming tool and equipment tracking in construction

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tough trackers

With a keen eye on operational efficiency and tool security, Tough Trackers identified a critical gap in how tools and equipment were monitored, particularly in understanding their usage patterns, allocation, and productivity throughout the workday.

Yet, the existing backend infrastructure required significant improvements to support the complex data processing and analytics necessary for this advanced level of tracking. This is where our team stepped in.

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robust backend

Addressing this challenge head-on, our team had to re-engineer the backend of the companion app, as the Tough Trackers’ innovative tracking system demanded a backend solution that could not only handle large volumes of data from various sources but also process and analyze this data in real-time to provide actionable insights.

serverless architecture

Our team applied AWS Lambda functions to ensure scalability and efficiency in data processing. For a seamless and organized communication channel between the app and the backend services, we decided to go with Amazon API Gateway. Amazon RDS with PostgreSQL was selected for data storage, anticipating the complex relational data structures that could pose challenges for non-relational databases like DynamoDB in the long run.

// technology and implementation

Amazon API Gateway

This organized and efficient API gateway streamlined interactions between the app and backend services.

Data Storage with RDS

We opted for Amazon RDS with PostgreSQL, prioritizing a price/performance balance and foreseeing future complexities with DynamoDB due to relational data.

Monitoring and Logging

AWS CloudWatch was implemented to keep a vigilant eye on the system's performance and operations.


Notification and Queue Processing

SNS was used for push notifications, while SQS handled queue processing, ensuring seamless communication across components.


Chosen for its strong typing and enhanced tooling support, TypeScript played a pivotal role in building a robust application.


We also implemented custom methods for user authentication, ensuring secure access to the system.

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Our work provided Tough Trackers with a robust infrastructure that covers for:

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Efficient data handling from both Hubs and the companion apP

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increased scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness

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enhanced maintainability of the codebase

Thanks to our experience in the creative application of IoT technology and the strength of AWS, our client can provide top-notch service and resolve the difficulties associated with tool management on construction sites both now and in the future, regardless of how many customers and tools they have to manage.

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