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Top Serverless App Development Companies in 2024

published Feb 05, 2024

Top Serverless App Development Companies in 2024

In 2024, serverless development continues to alter application building and deployment by eliminating the need for traditional server infrastructure management. Top serverless app development companies help businesses significantly reduce operational complexities and costs, facilitating rapid development, scalability, and efficient resource utilization.

A capable serverless partner brings tech expertise, aligning technology with a company's vision. It ensures successful collaboration, innovation, and timely delivery of high-quality solutions. Serverless team is a leading AWS cloud application development provider. We deliver strategic software infrastructure solutions to businesses. Besides, we help organizations minimize costs, improve development workflows, and enhance user experiences. 

In this post, we explore the top serverless development companies that will shape 2024, each characterized by their strengths and industry expertise. Gain insights into key considerations, avoid common mistakes, and utilize a checklist to evaluate potential serverless providers.

Top 10 Serverless Development Companies

Below, we explore the forefront of serverless innovation. Delve into the distinctive strengths and expertise of the top serverless providers to get valuable insights for choosing an exceptional serverless development partner.

1. Serverless Team

Serverless is a premier serverless provider specializing in AWS Cloud Application Development. Our services propel business growth while optimizing infrastructure costs, relieving our clients of server management and infrastructure scaling complexities. With a forward-thinking approach to software infrastructure, Serverless leads AWS app development. 

With over 22,000 hours of experience and a 4.9-star rating on Clutch, our team is well-known for being one of the first to develop AWS cloud applications. Our AWS cloud solutions ensure flexibility, security, scalability, reliability, and cost optimization. Serverless team offers a comprehensive suite of services, tailoring end-to-end solutions for diverse business needs: 

  • AWS Managed Services. Ongoing management and support for AWS infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations, proactive monitoring, and timely issue resolution.
  • AWS App Development. We are a customized serverless application development company tailored to specific requirements, utilizing AWS services to deliver high-performance and user-friendly experiences.
  • AWS Migration. Seamless transition of existing applications to the AWS cloud, optimizing performance, scalability, and security while minimizing downtime and disruption.
  • AWS Cloud Consulting Services. Guidance and strategic insights for effective AWS architecture, assisting clients in making informed decisions throughout their cloud journey.
  • AWS Cloud Development. As one of the top serverless cloud development agencies, we offer end-to-end solutions for cloud-native applications, ensuring unparalleled scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency.
  • Maintenance & Support. Handling post-development tasks to ensure regular maintenance and keep AWS applications running at peak performance.

Serverless has a proven track record of successful projects across industries, including seamless startup migration for GoDaddy and scalable data processing for DemandHelm. You can hire AWS architects, developers, and consultants who deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to unique business objectives. Serverless Team is a trusted serverless provider for those seeking flexibility, efficiency, and expertise in AWS development.

2. Trek10 

Trek10 is a serverless provider dedicated to AWS infrastructure. With a 100% focus on AWS, the company uses the most suitable tools and AWS platform services to design, build, and support serverless and event-driven architectures. The company's expertise extends to building comprehensive serverless applications tailored for IoT, media management, and data-processing pipelines. 

As a Managed Service Provider for over six years, Trek10 provides comprehensive support and enables clients to operationalize applications with best practices. Customer testimonials highlight the company's ability to alleviate infrastructure overhead, enhance performance efficiency, and expedite the development of serverless applications.

3. Parallax

Parallax is a UK-based digital consultancy and software engineering agency. As a Serverless Partners Program member, the company positions itself as an expert in serverless application development. Parallax adopts the Serverless Framework and CloudFormation to build innovative applications on cloud platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions. 

The company strongly emphasizes the functionality and scalability of its serverless solutions without the burden of underlying infrastructure concerns. This approach allows Parallax to rapidly build scalable, cost-effective, and event-driven systems to ensure a flawless user experience. The company aims to address each organization's unique needs and drive commercial value by providing customized solutions.

4. Superluminar

Superluminar distinguishes itself in serverless development by prioritizing code over servers. Being focused on AWS, the company assists clients in optimizing their cloud performance. Established in 2017, the Superluminar team brings over eight years of cloud experience, scaling numerous websites globally.

The company specializes in modernizing existing applications and providing IT organizations with a lean makeover. Superluminar aims to reduce development time and effort, unburden SRE and operations teams, and enhance business agility. Their client-centered methodology strives for quality, performance, and efficient knowledge transfer to achieve exceptional results. Superluminar emphasizes its commitment to genuine collaboration as the key strength. 

5. Mode2

Mode2 provides engineering and consulting services to guide companies through digital transformations and facilitate the adoption of cloud technologies. As an AWS Well-Architected certified partner, the company offers services to ensure performance efficiency, security, operational excellence, and cost optimization. 

Mode2 specializes in cloud-native architecture, cost optimization, delivery leadership, well-architected assessments, and cloud governance. Their Digital Strategy & Transformation programs aim to enhance business models, customer understanding, and operational efficiency. The company has progressed from one of the top startups in serverless computing to a consulting agency offering personalized cloud governance and compliance support.

6. TechMagic

TechMagic, a tech consulting company based in Eastern Europe, specializes in developing serverless architectures for web and mobile products. Their expertise lies in utilizing JavaScript, AWS, Salesforce, and Native Mobile technologies. As an AWS Consulting Partner, TechMagic offers cloud implementation, support and maintenance, consulting, infrastructure design, application development, and migration services.

TechMagic cloud services are designed to optimize infrastructure spending, accelerate application scalability, and ensure simple deployment and continuous delivery. The company is backed by over 300 certified experts and 9+ years of market presence. TechMagic collaborates with major cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

7. 99X Technology

99X Technology is a product engineering company renowned for delivering top-tier development services to independent software vendors (ISVs) across the globe. The company has a team of engineers and architects dedicated to accelerating clients' journeys to the cloud. 99X Technology's expertise extends beyond conventional cloud services, specifically on Serverless and Cloud automation (AWS and Azure).

99X Technology offers Cloud enablement services, including architecture, building, migration, and operational support. Specializing in serverless technologies, the company excels in understanding their practical applications. 99X Technology is also proficient in DevOps, utilizing Cloud support for enhanced productivity and faster software delivery. The company integrates Microservices into solutions, leveraging middleware services for robust outcomes.

8. Sinapsis

Sinapsis aims to simplify the world by integrating technology and innovation into organizations. Specializing in building web, mobile, and IoT solutions, the company translates ideas into applications. As a serverless provider, Sinapsis adopts an agile approach to create modern business applications, adding value and reducing management and infrastructure costs. They help businesses embrace abstraction from infrastructure, autoscaling, high availability, and efficient continuous delivery offered by serverless solutions.

Sinapsis’s development team has AWS certification and is committed to the AWS Well-Architected framework. With over 30 serverless projects and a 9.4 AWS rating, the company stands out as the leading Serverless Framework Developer Partner in Latin America. They leverage AWS services like API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB to effectively build and deploy serverless solutions.

9. Kenzan (now Sourced Group)

Kenzan, now part of Sourced Group, is a software engineering and consulting firm based in New York City. The company specializes in crafting end-to-end solutions that align tech strategies with business objectives. As part of Sourced Group, they offer Cloud at Scale™ services, providing consultancy and technical support for efficient cloud adoption. The company aims to facilitate large-scale change and enhance speed to market.

Sourced Group's Cloud at Scale™ services cover platform development and application modernization, workload migration, data management, security, governance, and organizational change. The firm assists in planning, building, and running cloud infrastructure to ensure effective security and compliance controls. Sourced Group helps organizations accelerate cloud adoption, focusing on workplace collaboration and a comprehensive enterprise cloud transformation.

10. Coding Sans

Coding Sans is a Hungarian full-stack JavaScript development company specializing in creating serverless cross-platform and web applications. As one of the top serverless app development firms, Coding Sans serves organizations to reduce developer overload and speed up product launches. The company offers advisory services to help clients assess technology strategies, aligning them with their business or process requirements.

Coding Sans provides full project delivery with a dedicated team, team extension for additional expertise, and startup MVP development. Their core services include cross-platform mobile app development, web app development, and full-stack serverless app development primarily using AWS. Coding Sans's expertise extends to UX research, planning, and code-ready design. 


Kyrylo Kozak

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How to Choose a Serverless Application Development Company. A Detailed Checklist</strong>

Selecting the right partner is pivotal for serverless initiatives. Top serverless development companies bring technical prowess, efficiency, and innovation into your projects, ensuring optimal utilization of cloud architectures. You can use our checklist as a systematic guide to ensure a comprehensive evaluation process when choosing a serverless development partner.

1. Technical Expertise

  • Verify expertise in serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or Google Cloud Functions.
  • Assess proficiency in serverless frameworks and best practices.

2. Project Experience

  • Review the partner's project portfolio for diversity.
  • Check if they have experience with projects similar to your use case.
  • Look for relevant industries and the scale of applications they have successfully developed using serverless architectures.

3. Scalability and Performance

  • Ensure the partner has a track record of delivering scalable, high-performance applications.
  • Inquire about their approach to handling varying workloads and maintaining optimal performance across different stages of development.

4. Security Measures

  • Verify the partner's approach to serverless security, including data encryption and access controls. 
  • Confirm compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards.

5. Collaboration and Communication

  • Assess communication practices and project management methodologies.
  • Gauge the partner's ability to integrate with your existing teams and workflows.

6. Long-Term Support

  • Ask about the provider’s availability for comprehensive long-term support.
  • Discuss maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting post-launch.

7. Cost Optimization

  • Ensure the partner actively considers cost optimization strategies.
  • Inquire about efficient resource utilization and management for cost benefits.

8. Compliance and Governance

  • Verify the provider’s commitment to regulatory compliance and governance.
  • Check awareness and adherence to industry-specific data protection requirements.

9. Training and Documentation

  • Confirm the provision of adequate training for your team.
  • Require comprehensive documentation for implemented serverless solutions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

In the consideration phase, it's equally important to be aware of common mistakes organizations often make when choosing a serverless development partner.

1. Disregarding Cost Optimization

Ignoring cost optimization can lead to unnecessary expenses, undermine the potential cost benefits of serverless technologies, and impact the overall financial efficiency of your projects. Avoid partners who overlook cost optimization strategies. Top serverless development agencies maximize the cost benefits of serverless by efficient resource utilization and management. 

2. Neglecting Compliance and Governance

Overlooking compliance and governance can expose your organization to legal complications and potential data breaches, especially in industries with stringent data protection requirements. Prioritize serverless providers that can ensure regulatory compliance to avoid legal complications and data breaches.

3. Underestimating Training and Documentation

Not having adequate training and documentation can hinder the effective utilization and scalability of serverless solutions within your organization. When choosing a serverless provider, look for companies that provide training and documentation for implemented serverless solutions. It will help to address challenges in future development and maintenance phases.

4. Focusing on Short-Term Goals

Choosing a serverless partner solely for short-term goals can undermine your serverless applications' sustainability and growth potential beyond the initial development phase. Ensure your partner provides comprehensive long-term support, covering maintenance, updates, and efficient troubleshooting post-launch.

Choose Serverless as Your AWS Development Partner

In 2024, serverless development continues to reshape application building and deployment. Top serverless providers help businesses reduce operational complexities and costs and ensure rapid development, scalability, and efficient resource utilization. We've explored the top ten serverless development companies, key considerations, common mistakes to avoid, and a checklist to guide organizations in choosing a reliable serverless development partner. 

Serverless is a leading cloud application development provider specializing in serverless architecture using AWS and Serverless Framework. You can hire AWS developers with a proven track record in AWS cloud applications, a 4.9-star rating on Clutch, and over 22,000 hours of experience. Focusing on flexibility, security, scalability, reliability, and cost optimization, Serverless team is a reliable and trusted partner in serverless development.

Contact us to discuss your serverless application development needs. 


How can businesses benefit from partnering with top serverless solution development companies?

Partnering with top serverless providers, businesses gain technical expertise, ensure efficient resource utilization, and achieve rapid application development, scalability, and cost optimization.

What challenges might businesses face in adopting serverless architectures, and how do top companies address these challenges?

Challenges in adopting serverless architectures may include security concerns, integration complexities, and potential vendor lock-in. Top companies address them through robust security measures, seamless integration strategies, and adherence to best practices, providing flexibility and vendor-agnostic solutions.

How do I determine the right serverless development partner for my business needs?

Evaluating the partner's expertise in serverless technologies, project portfolio, scalability, security measures, and communication practices can help you make an informed decision. Contact Serverless team to discuss your specific business needs in detail. 

What are common mistakes to avoid when choosing a serverless development partner?

Disregarding cost optimization, neglecting compliance and governance, underestimating training and documentation, and focusing solely on short-term goals are common mistakes organizations should be aware of in the selection process.

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Kyrylo Kozak
founder, CEO