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Top 10 AWS Consulting Companies in 2024

published Jan 25, 2024

Top 10 AWS Consulting Companies in 2024

With its computing power, storage, and databases, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a flexible and scalable foundation for diverse business applications. As organizations increasingly migrate their operations to this cloud, AWS consulting companies become pivotal for navigating the complexities of its design, implementation, and optimization. 

A knowledgeable and reliable AWS consulting partner makes a difference between a seamless transition and a challenging, error-prone endeavor. With a decade of experience in cloud architecture, Serverless facilitates a smooth migration to AWS with minimal downtime. Our AWS cloud consulting services empower businesses to harness AWS features, driving innovation and enhancing market competitiveness.

This post explores the top AWS cloud consulting companies and partners in 2024.

You will learn the key factors to consider and common pitfalls to avoid, guiding your organization’s AWS initiatives. Explore the best sites to hire AWS consultants and learn how strategically choosing the right partner can maximize the value of AWS for your business.

Top 10 AWS Consulting Companies in 2024

Company AWS Consulting Cloud migration strategy and roadmap Infrastructure Optimization Advanced AWS Service Integration Security and Compliance Cloud Cost Optimization
Serverless Team
Tasrie IT
Innowise Group
IT Svit
EZOps Cloud

In this section, we spotlight the leading AWS consulting firms. We overview the top 10 AWS cloud consulting companies, showcasing their expertise, specializations, and highlighted services. Discover the insights into the unique strengths that set them apart in the industry.

1. Serverless Team

Serverless Team is one of the top AWS consulting partners.

The company has dedicated 22,651 hours to delivering AWS solutions, boasting over a decade of experience in cloud architecture. We leverage our expertise and track record to empower businesses with foolproof infrastructures. You can hire AWS developers with a 4.9-star rating on Clutch, who will guide you through seamless cloud transformations with minimal downtime. 

Serverless Team ensures comprehensive support from initial planning to ongoing assistance. By leveraging serverless computing, containerization, and microservices, we drive innovation and efficiency for businesses seeking to maximize their cloud potential. The company excels in various AWS consulting services

  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Roadmap Development. We conduct comprehensive assessments to create actionable go-to-cloud strategies aligned with business goals. It ensures a smooth migration of applications, databases, and infrastructure to AWS with minimal downtime.
  • Infrastructure Optimization. The Serverless Team evaluates existing infrastructure for optimization opportunities and implements cost-effective strategies for maximizing resource utilization, fine-tuning performance, and enhancing scalability.
  • Advanced AWS Service Integration. We help businesses unlock the full potential of AWS services such as AI/ML, IoT, and Big Data. You can hire an AWS architect to design and implement advanced cloud solutions.
  • Security and Compliance. The Serverless Team can consult you on implementing robust security measures to protect data and applications. We ensure compliance with industry standards through regular security audits and proactive recommendations.
  • Cost Optimization. Analyzing AWS usage is essential to identify opportunities for cost savings. Gain proficiency in implementing strategies for cost efficiency without compromising performance for long-term efficiency.

By choosing Serverless Team as your AWS consulting partner, you get tangible results, like a 37% reduction in cloud costs for a home appliances manufacturer and a 3.5X increase in client capacity through the re-architecture of Overquota's real-time application.

2. CodersLab 

Founded in 2017, CodersLab stands as one of the leading AWS consulting companies based in Chile. CodersLab caters to global businesses in Banking, Retail, Logistics, and Automotive, focusing on modernizing applications, products, and technological development processes. Providing digital services specifically designed for the unique needs of their clients positions the company as a forward-thinking partner.

CodersLab offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • AWS consulting and implementation expertise
  • Full spectrum of IT support services
  • Cloud consulting (10% of service lines)
  • Specialization in MVP and custom software development
  • IT staff augmentation
  • UX/UI design

CodersLab's team envisions and aligns its goals with the business objectives, creating engaging, user-friendly, and functional end products.

3. Tasrie IT 

Tasrie IT is a trusted ally for all cloud computing needs, prioritizing security, scalability, and cost-efficiency. The company is steering businesses of all sizes into a future of growth and innovation driven by the cloud. With a team of seasoned experts, Tasrie IT claims to transform customer aspirations into tangible results.

Tasrie IT offers:

  • Cloud-native consulting services for organizations starting from scratch or optimizing existing infrastructure
  • Comprehensive guidance aimed at helping businesses capitalize on AWS's potential.

The company's commitment to excellence is underscored by its recognition as a top consulting firm by Techreviewers.co and GoodFirms.

4. Innowise Group

Innowise Group specializes in AWS solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services from strategy and planning to deployment and ongoing support. With a team of skilled and certified AWS architects, developers, and consultants, Innowise Group claims to possess deep insights to deliver effective and contemporary solutions. 

Innowise Group's expertise spans:

  • AWS-based application development
  • Infrastructure monitoring, administration, and support
  • Serverless services
  • Data warehousing
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Consulting
  • Cost optimization
  • Security and compliance
  • Implementation
  • DevOps

By partnering with the company, businesses can optimize operations, enhance security, achieve scalability, and drive digital transformation in the AWS cloud. 

5. Vention

Vention is a rapidly growing AWS cloud consulting company based in the USA. It has been a pivotal player in the industry since 2002. Vention provides comprehensive web, mobile, and cloud development and UI/UX design, QA, and testing services. With a team of 3000 engineers, Vention has gained substantial expertise from diverse projects, making it a trusted partner for tech solutions.

Vention provides:

  • Comprehensive web, mobile, and cloud development
  • UI/UX design
  • QA and testing services
  • Cloud infrastructure assessment
  • Cloud migration
  • Automation.

Certified AWS consultants at Vention take on the challenges of cloud transformation, migrating digital assets, apps, and databases. Their expertise extends to private, hybrid, public, or multi-cloud technologies. The company has a proven track record across various industries, including healthtech, fintech, and real estate.

As an Advanced Tier AWS Partner, Vention's consulting services offer strategic solutions and expertise to optimize cloud platforms. From assessment to migration and automation, the company claims to ensure operational excellence, reduced time to market, and innovative AWS solutions tailored to the client's specific goals.

6. IT Svit

With over 18 years of expertise, IT Svit is a distinguished player in effective infrastructure design and cloud development. Headquartered in Estonia and equipped with an R&D center in Ukraine, the agency boasts a DevOps team that has executed numerous projects across AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and bare-metal environments.

IT Svit offers the configuration of AWS big data solutions and the design and execution of AWS big data analytics to ensure the optimal functionality of the business. Their AWS-certified team has experience in cloud technologies, allowing them to swiftly identify and implement powerful solutions for clients.

IT Svit's AWS consulting services cover a wide range of offerings:

  • Architecture review and design
  • Cost and performance optimization
  • Security and compliance
  • Migration
  • Deployment
  • Automation.

The team conducts audits and assessments using AWS tools to ensure efficient and secure business cloud operations.

7. Advascale

Advascale provides advanced solutions for diverse digital needs. The company claims to streamline IT processes, automate complex tasks, and craft robust, secure systems to handle software requirements seamlessly. With an expert team working around the clock, Advascale aims to ensure seamless business operations and efficient, sustained growth.

Advascale provides advanced solutions for diverse digital needs. The company claims to streamline IT processes, automate complex tasks, and craft robust, secure systems to handle software requirements seamlessly. With an expert team working around the clock, Advascale aims to ensure seamless business operations and efficient, sustained growth.

Advascale solves clients' scalability, fault tolerance, app environment management, and cost optimization challenges. Their proficiency lies in designing effective cloud architecture environments, formulating migration strategies, and constructing new infrastructure on AWS services. The offered services include:

  • Cloud Integration as a Service
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Consulting
  • Database (Amazon RDS)
  • Network and Content Delivery (Amazon CloudFront)
  • Compute (AWS Lambda).

8. EZOps Cloud

EZOps Cloud specializes in cloud enhancement and automation. The company brings advanced technology and experience to businesses seeking secure, cost-effective, and scalable solutions. EZOps Cloud is one of the biggest DevOps agencies on Upwork, having completed over 100,000 hours of work and nearly 400 projects.

The EZOps Cloud team comprises DevOps engineers, providing support and guidance to companies navigating the complexities of cloud-based technology. Intending to revolutionize DevOps and Cloud services, EZOps Cloud delivers services, products, and training to help clients efficiently plan, build, and manage their entire DevOps infrastructure.

EZOps Cloud offers a diverse range of AWS services:

  • Cloud computing (Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda)
  • Network and connectivity (Amazon VPC)
  • Database management (Amazon RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB)
  • Specialized services in AI and ML (Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Comprehend, AWS Rekognition, and Amazon Polly).

9. ProCogia

ProCogia is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, leveraging its experience to deliver AWS solutions across diverse industries. The company claims to foster business growth through instant access to computing power, storage, and databases. With a dedicated team of AWS-certified experts, ProCogia supports organizations in migrating to AWS, providing scalable and customized cloud-native solutions.

ProCogia helps SMBs and enterprises transition to AWS, combining industry experience, data engineering practices, and innovative data science solutions. ProCogia's AWS-certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) tackle complex business problems with services such as EC2, EMR, Lambda, RDS, Redshift, and more. 

ProCogia’s AWS services include:

  • Cloud data migration
  • Cost optimizations
  • Big data & analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Data engineering & ETL
  • Data architecture
  • ML engineering
  • Containerization
  • High-performance computing.

The company builds and deploys production-grade ML models, implements ETL monitoring frameworks, designs AWS real-time data lakes, and establishes AWS SFTP server setups. 

10. Simform

Simform is an AWS consulting partner and digital product engineering company. With a team of over 1000 top-tier IT experts, it has been a major player in the industry since 2010. Trusted by more than 900 clients, Simform offers exclusive cloud consulting services. The company emphasizes clear communication, transparency, and an agile approach to benefit businesses seeking improved productivity and maximized cloud ROIs.

The company has expertise in:

  • Software engineering
  • Cloud engineering
  • DevOps engineering
  • Digital design
  • CTO as a service.

Simform helps enterprises across industries transform legacy establishments into dynamic applications. Their AWS consultants and architects facilitate the development, deployment, and optimization of cloud applications on AWS. 


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Considerations When Choosing an AWS Consulting Partner

Choosing the right AWS cloud consulting company is a game-changer for the success of your AWS initiatives. A reliable AWS consulting partner provides expertise, professional guidance, and support to optimize your AWS infrastructure and applications. Moreover, the ability to hire remote AWS developers through your consulting partner can significantly expand your technical reach and capabilities.

When choosing an AWS consulting partner, consider the following factors to ensure a successful partnership.

Expertise and Certifications

When assessing a consulting partner's AWS certifications and expertise, it's crucial to look for qualifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer that directly align with your project's requirements. These certifications demonstrate the partner's proficiency in AWS services and ability to design and implement solutions effectively.

Proven Track Record

Reviewing a company's portfolio of successful AWS implementations provides valuable insights into their track record. Look for projects similar in size, scope, and complexity to yours to gauge their experience. Client testimonials and case studies can further validate their ability to deliver results and meet client expectations.

Scalability and Flexibility

Evaluate the consulting partner's ability to scale resources according to your project needs. Consider their flexibility in adapting to changes in project scope, technology stack, and business priorities. A partner that can seamlessly adjust resources and strategies as your project evolves ensures smoother project execution and success.

Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration and communication are key to a successful partnership. Pay attention to the consulting company's communication style, responsiveness, and willingness to work closely with your team. Clear communication channels and a collaborative approach foster trust and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Cost Management and Transparency

Understanding the consulting partner's pricing model and ensuring transparency in cost estimates is essential. Choose a company that provides insights into AWS pricing structures and offers cost optimization strategies. Transparency in cost management helps avoid surprises and ensures alignment with your budgetary constraints.

Key Challenges When Choosing a Top AWS Consulting Partner

Choosing the right AWS cloud consulting company can be tricky. With so many companies, it can be difficult to discern which one has the specific expertise, experience, and certifications to align with your unique business goals. Factors like cost structure, cultural fit, and ensuring security and compliance should also be weighed carefully during selection. Here are some key challenges to consider to ensure you find the best fit for your needs.

1. Assessing Cultural Fit

Overlooking the cultural fit between your organization and the consulting partner can lead to misalignments in expectations and working styles. Assess how well the partner's values and work culture align with your own to foster a productive and collaborative relationship.

2. Ensuring Security and Compliance

Security is paramount in cloud computing. Only choose a partner that pays attention to security practices and compliance requirements. Ensure the partner has a robust security framework and a thorough understanding of AWS security best practices.

3. Considering Long-Term Support

Selecting an AWS SaaS competency partner solely based on immediate project needs without long-term support can be a mistake. Ensure the partner provides ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization services to maximize the value of your AWS investment over time.

4. Checking Certifications and Accreditations

Navigating the AWS certifications and accreditations can be daunting, making verifying a consulting partner's expertise challenging. Thoroughly research the certifications relevant to your project needs and verify them through official channels to ensure the partner's qualifications align with your requirements.

5. Understanding the Cost Structure

The complexity of AWS pricing models can make it difficult to anticipate and budget project costs accurately. To address this challenge, engage in transparent discussions with the consulting partner about their pricing model, seek clarification on cost estimates, and explore strategies for optimizing costs to align with your budget constraints.

6. Managing Expectations and Deliverables

Balancing expectations and deliverables can be challenging due to varying project scopes and client objectives. To manage this effectively, establish clear communication channels and collaboratively define realistic project goals and timelines. Regularly revisit and adjust expectations throughout the project lifecycle to ensure alignment between both parties.

Revolutionize Your Cloud with Serverless AWS Consulting

As businesses embrace the versatility and scalability of Amazon Web Services, AWS consulting becomes integral for navigating the intricacies of design, implementation, and optimization. Choosing a reliable partner ensures a seamless transition to the cloud. Among the top companies providing AWS consulting in 2024, Serverless stands out with over a decade of cloud architecture experience. 

We provide foolproof infrastructures and drive innovation through cloud migration strategy, infrastructure optimization, advanced AWS service integration, security, and cost optimization. Our exceptional track record and client success stories make us a trusted AWS consulting partner. Discover the strategic benefits of selecting the perfect AWS consulting partner.

Consult with the Serverless team for expert guidance on your AWS initiatives.


Can small businesses benefit from AWS consulting services?

Small businesses can benefit from AWS consulting services by optimizing operations, enhancing scalability, and leveraging cost-effective cloud solutions.

How frequently should I reassess my AWS consulting partners?

It is advisable to reassess your AWS consulting partners periodically, considering factors such as evolving business requirements, technological advancements, and changes in the cloud computing landscape.

How can AWS consulting services contribute to optimizing an organization's cloud infrastructure and applications?

AWS consulting services can streamline cloud operations, improve efficiency, and drive innovation by leveraging the full potential of Amazon Web Services.

What factors to consider when selecting an AWS consulting partner?

Key considerations include the partner's expertise, certifications, proven track record, scalability, communication style, and commitment to security and compliance.

How does Serverless Team differentiate itself as an AWS consulting partner?

Serverless Team has over a decade of experience, a remarkable track record, and expertise in cloud migration, infrastructure optimization, advanced AWS service integration, security, compliance, and cost optimization.

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