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Architecture Improvements and Data Migration for an Aggregator Platform

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Our client, the founder of an aggregator platform, approached us to assist with data migration. Their platform serves as a bridge between banks and fintech startups, allowing banks to discover and integrate innovative solutions into their workflows.

The initial task was to migrate the platform's data from MongoDB to Postgres, transitioning from a NoSQL to a SQL database. However, our product audit identified a more significant issue affecting performance.

Their backend took 1.5 seconds to respond to inquiries, resulting in a prolonged frontend page load time of 12 seconds or more. This sluggishness hindered user experience and impeded efficient navigation between pages.

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To address the performance issues and enhance the platform's architecture, we undertook the following tasks:

Rethinking the Architecture: After analyzing the existing architecture, we discovered that multiple Lambda functions were redundantly performing the same tasks. We determined that this approach was not suitable for a microservices architecture. As a solution, we migrated the platform to a monolithic architecture, consolidating the application logic into a single Lambda function.

Data Migration to Postgres: Alongside the architectural improvements, we successfully migrated the platform's data from MongoDB to Postgres, ensuring a smooth transition to a SQL database.

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Enhanced User Experience

The frontend page load time was reduced from 12 seconds to less than 2 seconds, allowing users to navigate seamlessly between pages. This optimization greatly improved the usability and overall satisfaction of the platform.


Improved backend Performance

The response time of the backend was dramatically reduced from 1.5 seconds to 70 milliseconds. This improvement resulted in a faster and more responsive platform, enhancing the user experience.


noticeable Cost Reduction

By optimizing the architecture and streamlining the backend processes, we achieved substantial cost savings for the client on their AWS infrastructure.

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We successfully transformed the aggregator platform through our comprehensive architecture improvements, data migration, and optimization efforts, enabling efficient integration between banks and fintech startups.

The enhanced backend performance, reduced page load time, and cost savings provided our client with a scalable, reliable, and user-friendly platform, driving their business growth and facilitating seamless collaboration in the financial technology landscape.

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